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  1. Ive been using exclusive on and off since January, in the past month or so They’ve added a constant uav and no flash options! It has a very clean cheat menu unlike the others, and the no recoil option is amazing for weapons with high damage and big recoil. If I would give any recommendations to battlelog is that they should build a cheat solely for controller players because using rewasd just isn’t smooth for the aimbot features. Will you be bringing premium 1.0 back because I’d love to try a different cheat whilst being safe.
  2. otter123


    I’ve been using battle log for about three weeks, I ordered 3x weekly passes for the exclusive warzone product and I must say it works a dream! The anti recoil and esp is awesome, however since I’m on controller player the aimbot doesn’t work unless you use key sticks or rewasd. Using rewasd just doesn’t feel right when playing the game so it would be make the product perfect if they offered controller support for the aimbot feature. I will be upgrading to premium when my monthly pass is up, it would be great to know all settings to make aimbot run smoothly on controller using rewasd if that’s possible. I’d rate battlelog hacks 10/10.
  3. This is my second week using exclusive hack, I’m pretty new to PC gaming so thought I’d try it out and wow I’m impressed!! I’m a controller player so I only use ESP and Anti Recoil. I did try getting aim bot to work as suggested in your forums and couldn’t get it to work unfortunately. It would be great one day if we could use aim bot without third party software as every time I was shooting it would melee. is exclusive best for us controller players or do you have another option that I could benefit from? If not, I love exclusive anyway so thanks so much 😁😁😁🔥🔥🔥