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  1. Morning all! Have been using the MW exclusive cheat for a couple of days and have been impressed by all the various features. I only use ESP etc and this has worked brilliantly. My only gripe with this is that the crashes are so intermittent. You can go several hours without a crash, and then crash every game without knowing the cause. Since the crashes were getting me down I purchased a 24hr trial of leviathan which... wow... this is tons better than exlusive and worth the cost difference for the loot feature. However, my only hope and wish for the devs here is to change the product use time for in game usage time (injected) rather than a set 24hrs.. for people like me who can only play for an hour or two a day I'm basically paying $10 or so for 2hrs use before it runs out... whereas if it were set to ingame usage i and many others I guess would be able to make a lot more use of what we are paying for. All in all though, very much worth the money.