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  1. meth

    EFT Leviathan

    ESP is very good, lots of items Aim Bot or aim is ok, sometimes it is not good but . would be much better if you can select which part to target sometimes it works okay. Main problem i have is with the loader, after you login sometimes it gets stucks and crashes, and is unresponsive, and then have to restart pc to try again, maybe 2-3x then will get successful injection message, this is only problem i have as it is annoying. Good hack for ESP and items you can make allot of money with it, and options are good. only downside is the loader is annoying and sometimes doesnt work/ inject after you logi and then you need to restart and try again.
  2. meth

    EFT Phoenix

    Aim bot is good. ESP is okay but i think maybe cause it inst working properly at least for me some of the ESP loot when it is ticked isnt displaying like for example quest items. Athough im not sure if im seeing it wrong. Overall is good but not sure if ESP is working properly or not.