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  1. Hi I'm a 8 month user of this site, I do really enjoy the products, I'm making this topic to see if anyone else is having these issues, So I normally use cod exclusive sometimes leviathan, They work great, when i try to spoof the ghost one works just fine but all the nice features are in the Faze spoofer, Iv only gotten it to work perfectly twice, almost every other time I try to use it, "the new loader 7/6/21" it spoofs everything successfully but the issue is when it automatically flushes all adapters, it'll get stuck on that and not move, Iv even tried leaving it there for over 3 hours, and every time it dose this i have the same issue, it messes up my internet i have to reset the network, to get the internet working again which works half the time and about Half the time it completely corrupts something on my system, last time it was my discord application, it wouldn't work, I even revo uninstalled it and tried to redownload it, but every time i try to run the setup, it would pop the window up and automatically exit out of it. this is after i restarted the PC. The ending result every time i try to use this product ends the same with me reformatting my computer just to get it back to normal . Dose anyone else have this issue or a similar one with the Faze Spoofer?