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    Big thanks

    Any luck with the trace cleaner for COD, im excited to see exclusive is back. Thanks for your hard work BL team, your talent and hard work has made it possible for guys like myself with hearing disability to enjoy these games, you guys are the best out. much love and respect!!!!
  2. SikeO


    Hey Guys, been a memeber of the BL fam for about 4 months now and loving the wz exclusive. i ONLY use esp due only having 20% hearing in my left ear only. you guys have made this possible for me and a few of my friends to play this game and actually enjoy it. I did want to look into streaming with supreme. Does supreme work just like exclusive? do i use the same loader for supreme like exclusive? thanks guys
  3. SikeO

    best of the best

    hey guys once again i have nothing but great things to say about this company. I only play COD WZ and only use the radar and esp. I was interested in the premium but it states you need an intel cpu. i have an amd cpu, will premium not work with amd? also im interested in taking an extra step of being safe, i wanted to purchase the 30 ghost spoofer. Is this pretty easy to set up? keep up the great work guys, thanks
  4. SikeO

    best of the best

    Im new here and only tried the 7 day exlusive for WZ and im very glad i decided to try it. you guys earned a lifetime customer. Best there is plain and simple. I will be purchasing again for sure. thanks