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  1. AsianUwU

    I’m back!

    Hello Battlelog community. Asian here and I’m back after a long hiatus due to irl reasons. Frost is the best out there and the staff team was nice to me during my time here using their great services! I miss you guys and miss the help you’ve guys give me when I used the EFT Levithan cheese. I’m getting back into COD MW and I’m thinking of purchasing them. Which one has been undetected for the longest and which one would you prefer Frost? Would like a very safe one to use and thanks man. Hope to hear from you soon good friend.
  2. AsianUwU

    EFT Levithan

    Hello, Asian here, since it’s updating I mind as well spend some time giving it a review! ESP: Sometimes the ESP glitches out and sometimes doesn’t show players or teammates, gives wrong distances of players also. But this can be solved by restarting PC as restarting game doesn’t work and repair some files and launch loader again. It’s gets fussy sometimes but overall I’ll give this a 4/5. Aimbot: It works fine but I do not use it at all, only tested it against bots. Radar: I seem to enjoy it and it works fine when not glitch out, it helps a lot letting me know when players are getting close. Overall 5/5 UI: I don’t mind using the keys on my keyboard to mess around with it and all. Would be nice to use mouse but still fun to use. Radar is in a fine spot for me and I can easily hide the functions when needed. Suggestions: Fixing the glitch issues would be nice unless it’s on my end. Updated prices of items. Overall seems good. Notes: Overall I’m glad to be using it and the devs do their best to make sure it’s undetected and I’m happy for their work on it. I’ve had fun on it the past week and can’t wait for it to be done updating, a ETA on that would be great! Overall score for me would be 8.5/10. Would be soon checking out Supreme and Overload once available. Thank you for reading my review! FTW!!!