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    Destiny 2 Thor

    Glad to see the framework for this flavor of cheetos is still alive and well. I've seen it transfer between many owners but I have a feeling this will be its main home for a long time hopefully. For anyone wondering, this cheeto bag is worth it entirely. I just wish the same model was used for every other cheeto bags available on the website. A warzone iteration of this framework would be amazing and inexpensive to produce. Sad to see the price increase for this cheeto but I imagine the cost of ownership was a bit steep. By any chance, is there an ETA available for Destiny twos thor coming back in stock? I've been waiting a bit over a week to see it back in stock and there's been no word of a restock. A bit worried but I understand you guys are busy. Best cheetos on the market guys. That's not an overstatement in the slightest. (P.S Yall should send me a private message for a key to buy, LOL) I can't wait!