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WZ Supreme, EFT Quantum and Faze Spoofer Review


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I never review things but I felt the need to share a few things about the staff and newbies. So to start off, if you're new, this is probably the best site for cheats. There aren't any cheat sites that have live support and prices that can beat this. The support people are very helpful and are very quick. They will always help you with any issues, big or small.  (No im not getting paid to say this)

WZ Supreme 2.0: Very reliable and stream proof cheat. I personally use ESP only and no aimbot. If youre even a semi decent player, I advise not to Rage hack and be blatant with aimbot. Its even recommended by the Admins themselves that Raging and aimbot is risky (Per the "How to not get banned" article). If youre gonna use aimbot, use low FOV and high smoothing to make it as legit as possible. Make sure to triple check that you follow the instructions to the T and never skip a step, no matter how small. Always be aware that NO instance of battlenet is running in background. You can open task manager and see for yourself. If you play valorant, you need to delete Riot Vanguard because its always running on your PC. Also, always make sure that the status if working before loading. I did notice that the supreme version of the cheat seems to lag behind when using ESP (boxes) when running OBS to record clips. It can definitely throw you off if youre someone like me who only uses ESP and no other feature. Even with that, I still think this is 100 Percent worth to get. Ive been purchasing for almost a year.

EFT Quantum: This cheat was down for a while and seems to go down frequently but this isnt really a bad thing since the devs and staff are just making sure the cheat is safe for public use. I would rather wait and be safe in the long run so kudos to the team. First off, this cheat is very good. Solid amount of customization and features. No complaints there. Its a little pricier than some other sites but if im being honest, this is the only site I trust and its well worth the money. With that being said, I did get banned from EFT. Cheat status was working and I was barely getting kills. Not upset since there is always a risk using cheats and its on me. Just a little salty that I bought a one month key and I wont be able to use it again haha. Still though, if youre careful, I still recommend it.

Faze spoofer: Not much to say for this one, great spoofer and never had issues. Will continue to purchase in the future. (Once again, check status before injecting)

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Thank you for your honest review ❤️ 

EFT key if you wish come to support and ask for swap I will swap you to another product at no cost and also Faze spoofer is a killer as you know so re-install spoof and play again any time you wish 🙂

- EFt Deluxe is OP as well, super safe at the moment and no issues or reports 🙂

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