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  1. Make sure that software menu is closed sir, and if you have apex try to filter item ESP and not have all enabled ❤️
  2. Snowball

    Dayz Deluxe

    We will see what can be done for you 😄❤️
  3. Yes all updates are on cloud so you are good to go ❤️
  4. Glad you are enjoying our software ❤️ I'm master rank last 2 season I use super legit settings for aimbot when I do use it (Apex Quantum 20-25 FOV with 30-35 Smooth) Deluxe use only soft aim with small FOV and high smooth, also make sure to change your IP / use spoofer and re-install to remove that trace files off! Hope you have loads of fun 🙂
  5. Glad you like it I use it myself so far 160+ hours in the game master rank 2 seasons ❤️
  6. Glad you have so much fun with our software, hope many many more happy hours using software ❤️
  7. Glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  8. Glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  9. Glad you are enjoying our services, and thank you for awesome review ❤️ 🙂
  10. Thank you for your kind words ❤️
  11. Really glad you are enjoying it I use it myself and its truly amazing software to have ❤️
  12. Glad you are enjoying our services ❤️
  13. Snowball

    Rust Deluxe

    Thank you for your review, please remember apex give IP / Trace file ban as well as HWID ban, so cleaning windows and just asking your internet provider for new IP address will get you out and you can enjoy Apex again with hacks ❤️
  14. Thats OP not gonna lie ❤️ Visible check will add factor of detection we are looking a way to add it asap tho 🙂
  15. Glad you are enjoying it ❤️ This should be possible yes 🙂
  16. We will look into this ❤️ Glad you are enjoying our services 🙂
  17. Glad after all that you stayed with us and allowed us to show you that we really care, glad to see you staying with us and supporting us ❤️
  18. Really happy to see this as I play apex as main game and I use this software as well I'm glad someone is doing the same ❤️
  19. Glad you are enjoying the software ❤️
  20. Glad you are enjoying our services, will see what can be done on animal esp part ❤️
  21. Glad you are having fun, we will always try to bring the best product for you guys ❤️
  22. Glad to see this, hope you have fun with us 🙂
  23. Not all software will work for all users thats why we have multiple products selection for all users to be happy and use it, hope you have fun! ❤️