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Odd Issue: MW/Warzone Exclusive


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I am experiencing a strange issue for the last 10 days. I am very careful player utilizing the hacks. I have been using Exclusive for nearly a year.  I did get perma banned early on and as I didn't us it properly.  I started another account and went through the entire process of clearing HWID and IP. I have been using it clean for about 9 months no issues, until 10 days ago. I thought I got shadow banned. I would check back daily to wait for shadowban to clear. I have watched many videos on shadowban most of them state that your ping will get 350ms and stay there.  You will not be able to enter a game until shadowban is clear. I have been able to get into 3 mtaches in the last 10 days with extremely low ping 3 separate days.  The odd issue is that every other match I try to enter my ping gets to about 195ms holds strong at that for about 2 minutes and then it resets to 40ms and starts the loop all over. The last 10 days I have tried this about 30 times same result except for those 3 isolated incidents. I have tried with the hack injected and without.  I am hoping someone can help me out have had support walk me through everything they know to do.

Battlog team has always been so helpful and I want to keep using the product but if I cant figure this my playing days are over. Thank you in advance.

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