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Hello friends, I come to let you know my experience with Battlelog.

I started playing call of duty warzone in the second season of modern warfare and using the hacks from the third season.

After about 3 months using hacks (WZ EXCLUSIVE), I was permanently banned from my main account, which was the only one I had at the time.

I tried to play again having done all the unban process protocol, but without spoofer, and got permanently and immediately banned on two new accounts, even without using hacks.

Due to the above, I decided to change my motherboard and went back to playing with spoofer always (Faze Spoofer). I played with 4 different accounts (which I bought from old players on the black market), changing them every 1 week.

Since then I've been playing for about 1 year without problems (using WZ EXCLUSIVE), always with the same reasonable settings, 250 meters ESP, 30 FOV, 10 smooth aim.
About 2 months ago I began to be shadowbanned in all my accounts after one match and the next day the shadowban was removed, it was a particular shadowban because when I was looking for a game, it stared with 10 ms and slowly and progressively it was rising to 350 ms. It did not reach 350 ms immediately as usual.

Due to the above and also as my computer was already a couple of years old, I decided to sell it completely and build a new one.

With the new computer exactly the same thing happened, I was getting shadowbanned on all my accounts after playing a single match.

I tried changing the hack and using the WZ SUPREME 2.0, but the same thing happened.

Doing some research and reading Frost's recommendations, I realized I was playing with the aimbot in the head, so I assumed I was getting shadowbanned due to a high percentage of headshots. It was then that I modified the settings to 250 meters ESP, 10 FOV, 20 smooth aim and aimed at the chest. With that everything was solved.

I found this solution around March 7th, and I started playing several matches with one of my accounts until March 10th when I went on vacation.

Yesterday I came back from my vacations and I was surprised that the account I had played with from March 7th to 10th was permanently banned ont the last 14th march activision ban wave, but the others were not.

Like I said, since my first permanent ban came I started using the Faze Spoofer all the time, so I'm assuming my HWID is protected.

I don't know why only one of the accounts was banned, but I can assume that it was due to misuse, maybe I abused the wallhack unintentionally, I don't know. But I also understand that this permanent ban has nothing to do with Ricochet detecting Battlelog hacks, otherwise all my accounts would have been permanently banned.

I am now playing quietly with my other three accounts using the WZ SUPREME 2.0 hack and Faze Spoofer with no issues.

I must mention that his hacks are the best, just use them with caution and always as legit as possible.

Also the staff is the best.

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