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EFT Deluxe and Faze Spoofer


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Hi im new in this Community and tested 2 23h products Eft Deluxe and Faze Spoofer and i must say this are nice products. They working as intended. I got some problems at the start but the Live support is fast there to help. They go through every step with me and watched for everything until it worked that was very nice with good knowledge.


To Faze Spoofer:

I was a bitt worried about the initializing time of 20 minutes until the spoofer works but is changed everything as intended.


To EFT Deluxe:

You have many options to set this cheat up and work with it. To play "save" there are some point which should be removed in the manue as like "Max Stamina", "Max Research", and "No fall dmg" but ok u don't have to turn it on so its ok. Names and Healthbars worked fine and the Aimbot too. Its also a good cheat which doesn't require a specific Monitor resolution. I play on 3840x2160 144hz (100% scaling) and all aiming is on point. The Recoil control options are a bit to hard i guess. if these are enabled it doesn't feels human this is maybe a point where i would be glad if this isn't that hard.

to the ESP skeletons showing up and u can customize the distance of all players/npc's and seperatly items. The only negative is that the item ESP just shows things on the ground so u see no tool or supplieboxes nut its fine if u know where they are.

Player ESP would be much better with an visibility check on it. If there is one i dont recognize it.

If u could manualy change the Object ESP colours that would be fine but is no must have.


Last but not least. Thnaks for this Products i just tested 1 day so far but what i was testing was great Thanks to all the Battlelog staff (Management, Support and the Coder/s) nice work

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