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Hi Fam, i have been using your products since season 2 of MW1, I have been running original account since and have been successful by being super cautious and being very careful with the instructions on injecting etc. since the new MW2 has dropped i am eager to get playing, I only use ESP due to my hearing disability and im still a BOT lol. I know i have asked this question prior  but i want to ask once more because i noticed something different between the first preparation steps between MW1 VIP quantum and MW2 Quantum. Just to reassure, my pc is currently setup to run VIP quantum, i want to purchase MW2 quantum, is there any additional steps or files i will need to install or can i just simply download new MW2 loader? I am deaf and a little computer illiterate as i did have the install service done by you guys so im afraid if there's any additional preparation steps i might mess somthing up. you guys are always great to work with, and a blessing. thanks in advance.. 

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Hello, sorry to hear about your disability, my condolences. There is only slight differences in steps to be taken between the two products. In the new MW2, you no longer need to have discord overlay enabled. Please disable this. Apart from that 1 step, everything else is completely the same. So just run MW2 Quantum as if you was going to run MW VIP Quantum. The only difference is the game you are launching. (obviously haha) Oh, one last thing, once you have activated your key in the client, you will need to go to the hack menu website and go to "misc" tab and select OFF = Steam version and ON = Battlenet version. Make sure you do this before you inject the cheat otherwise it will not work. Hopefully this helps and isnt to much. If you are really not confident, then you can always book another setup, and the agent will do it all for you 🙂 also thank you for being a loyal customer, we really appreicate it 🙂 Hope this all helps! ❤️ 

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