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I just want to say some kind words to the team.


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Firstly I would like to give a huge well done and thank you to the family here at Battlelog. 

I am beyond gobsmacked at how good the customer support has been here, from troubleshooting, guides and just the pure speed you get with everyone here. I 100% will be staying apart of the team for a long time.

I purchased 'Supreme' and literally at first was the worst thing ever, had to reinstall windows twice... Which obviously I knew about prior to it... It was also known as a common bug. So I reached out to a guy that I see a lot on here and that is 'Frost13' this guy deserves a god damn medal. He has done nothing but work round the clock to help me with the issues I was having. I understand that may be his role to help people and help troubleshoot as much as possible. Like I've worked with big companies in my life especially with my current job I do, I have NOT received the level of customer service from anyone else as good as I have here. Absolutely blown away, I've got him on my Discord and other than just general problems I have, we also have a normal chat about day to day life... It's actually crazy. 

Once again, huge respects to everyone and I hope you all stay safe during this crazy pandemic going on around the world. That also applies to everyone in this Forum. Stay safe. 


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Thank you so much for this words! ❤️ I don't see you guys as customers i see you as part of the family here at battlelog and you always gotta help out the family, you know you are alwasy welcome to send me any message even not related to hack ❤️ stay safe and take care ? 

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