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Valorant Delta Review by Logic

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As to be expected with all of Batllelog's cheats, it injects without any issues. I've injected it countless times, never once has it been slow or crashed. The in-game menu is simple to use, and fast to configure to your liking. I haven't had any fps drops with the cheat.


The cheat doesn't have a huge amount of features, but it has the two most important ones; aimbot and ESP. The ESP is great, it works flawlessly. For me ESP the key to ranking up in Valorant, especially when you start getting close to Imortal/Valorant. The aimbot is pretty good, my only slight issue with it is that if you set to head you can do more than a few shot bursts with the AR's as there is not a recoil option or something like the a moving aim spot to counter the recoil for automatic use. I would reccomend using either neck for 5/6 shot sprays or if you want to full spray each time have it set to spine.


The support is top notch, no matter how many updates have been thrown at us so far, they have been updated and had the cheat working within hours, down time gets refunded and if you ever need any help frost is always there to help 10/10!


The best part about the cheat is obviously the security, you can feel secure about your accounts, especially if you don't rage. I have heard of a ban here and there but that is not due to detection, if you go in a game and cheat so obv like only peaking corners where people are, prefiring only where enemies are and instant 1 tap people then you will get reported by teamates and the enemy team ending up with a dev revieiwng the rpeorts and banning you manually! TL:DR BE A CLOSET CHEATER, LOOK AS LEGIT AS POSSIBLE ?


I think this is an absolute banger of a cheat and support team behind it, and I look forward to the contunued use and the possibility of new features in the future! I hope this review has been informative and I look forward to reviewing other cheats here as and when money allows!



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Thank you for this awesome review!! Nothing makes us more happy then to read comments like this! In all this crazy busy times things like this help us keep going and keep doing everything we can to make gaming experience for all of you better ❤️❤️❤️

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