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First off I wanna give a huge shout out to Frost and this mans attention to his paying customers! IMO, even if the hack was trash, which it most certainly isn’t, I would use battlelog solely because of him! 

Let’s jump into the juice!

1. Radar / However this team of coders figured out how to basically make it look like an advanced UAV in Warzone is unreal. Everyone shows on the map exactly where they should be  as if you popped a UAV in the game! 

2. ESP / This to me has to be the best esp I’ve ever seen! The fact you can filter basically anything in game is unreal. The health bar is so crucial when deciding to push or not push.  

3. Aimbot / Kudos here! Is it the most predictive snapping Aimbot on the market, NO!  Is it the most realistic option I’ve seen out there?  Yes by far! The fact you can choose neck and avoid reporting huge damage stats when/if you get reported is huge. Also having bone scan and visibility scan helps you decide when to make that questionable shot or not. 

4. Rapid fire / recoil control. To me I don’t even use the Aimbot. If you can tap fire on pc and run an already legit low recoil gun class combining these two I find myself roasting through armor and people on the run and killcam is super legit cause they see you missing shots but your hitting them with multiple! Nobody questions the class cause it’s low recoil already and the slight drop in recoil allows you to run better attachments without sacrificing control. I.e when you normally have to run Tac laser, suppressor, grip, fore grip you can sacrifice those for other improving stats and people just assume you are running the low recoil options. 


Ran this program last 24 hours not a single report in 7 Warzone wins. 

kill counts in those games 


To check if you’ve been reported for those reading codstats.net>Warzone>cheaters report. 

Previous engineowning and x22 user never been detected with them but was tired of the long down times. This by far is the Mercedes of Warzone cheats. If you have the money, please pay battlelog and realize the next level! 

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