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Buyers Guide To Warzone


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Supreme Or Premium

Just a little background i have purchased and used Warzone Supreme and Premium and i am impressed with how well both hacks work. With that said how do you decide which to buy or weather to upgrade. This tough question can be answered by asking yourself what type of play style are you gonna use while using theses cheats. There are three types of play styles blatant non blatant and discreet. Now i'm gonna break down which Hack your gonna want depending how you answered.

Blatant Play Style

So if your goal is to snap onto heads and get 40 kills a game i would recommend supreme its aim bot is great it has a good amount of settings for it. Its esp can also see players much father away than the premium esp can  i believe this has to do with the premium esp being a lot more intensive on your pc as it is much nicer with some extra things such as a health bar etc. The supreme esp is still great and will get the job done.

Non Blatant Play Style

If your the type who wants to play with norecoil use esp etc but don't wanna look like your a complete cheater Its really a tie both menus have norecoil both have esp and bones so the only way i see you can make a decision is if we look at the up time of the hacks and the support. The support for both products is insane special shout out to Frost hes killing it to be honest. Looking at the up-time and how fast the cheats update i'm gonna have to give it to premium its almost always the first to update there are some cases like at the time of writing this were supreme gets updated first but if we look at the 30 days i used supreme there was way more times where premium was up and running way before supreme. Supreme normally gets updated within a day Premium seems to be up in a few hours, again this isn't always the case but most of the time it is. Final Verdict is to go with premium for the sole fact of its up-time 


There is a clear winner if you wanna be discreet about your cheating and its premium its map-hack allows you to have a permanent uav which allows you to not play with esp if you don't want to. Its recoil is also adjustable. So if your just looking for a little extra recoil control this is the hack for you. This hack is prefect if you wanna look as legit as possible.

To sum everything up if you have a little extra money and want some cool features and quicker updates go with premium if you don't wanna spend all that money but still want a top quality hack go with supreme you can't go wrong with either.


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