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Warzone Hacks

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Wow I never thought I would be using hacks, but after coming across so many questionable deaths I said SCREW IT. I was always scared to get caught, but what I have been doing is ONLY using wall & map hacks. Shut off aimbot, or any shooting mechanic help since that is way easier to spot and report. If I see someone watching me, I will use heartbeat and have a UAV saved so that I can also pop it when its getting sketchy. If the enemy is on Ghost, and I cant heartbeat him, I will play it as close to not knowing hes there as possible (you're not going to win them all). I have even let myself die a couple times to seem like it was legit. My main goal is to not get caught. Its much easier to do this in anything other than SOLOS since you have teammates and "MAYBE" they spotted the enemy for you ;). So far this has been an exceptional product, besides crashing every so often. But I am satisfied!

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