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I'm was not a fan of hacks, I've never used them before. 

At the beginning of the game(warzone) it took me a while to pick up the pace and my KD got low. And I realized that it was difficult to make a difference that maybe I took more than 6 months playing. So I bought the 24-hour Supreme to test whether I could raise the KD, and it was the best 24 hours in game. Obviously I configured it so that it would be imperceptible to other players. I got 18 kills in one match. After the 24 hour gone, I got the 30 days of Supreme. Works great all the time. Easy to config. If you have any doubts if this is legitimate, yes it is! And they are very good at what they do here. I recommend !!!!I

I hope that you guys can fix the problems after the last att, you are rated 10 and 5 stars in the support question!


My suggestion would be to try to release a Premium for 24 hours. I believe its enough to know if I would do a future upgrade.

Also about the anti recoi, which works fully with specific weapons, for example the M4A1 without aim. With other weapons, it does not seem to work and the aim ends up rising a little beyond the normal, but it's nothing that gets in the way.

Thanks again!

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Really happy to hear this, we really want you guys to have fun while playing and enjoy gaming, as it should be enjoyable and not stressful ? ❤️ 

We will look into your recommendation as we are always looking into ways to make your experience with our products better ❤️ 

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