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Review of COD PREMIUM hack


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So, I purchased this hack about 2 weeks ago! And it’s just.... FUCKING INSANE!

i haven’t had one single issue with it! Everything just works amazingly.

The aimbot is really god (and legit if you know how to set it up) and I don’t go crazy at all. I use it in my personal account (with lots of weapons that I bought, golds and silvers skins, 2 obsidianas lots of operators and of course: the game)

the walls (ahhhh the walls ❤️) they work perfectly! It doesn’t matter if is warzone, multiplayer, shipment.... 

One of the best features in my opinion is the UAV (map hack). You can see in your mini map OR IN THE WHOLE MAP, every single player! It doesn’t matter if they have ghost or not. You will see them!

The ONLY thing I’d add to this hack to become 100% perfect would be triggerbot distance. Because the triggerbot only works in a minimum distance and for sniping isn’t good. 
that’s all. If ur thinking about it, just buy one month! Trust me, you can’t play without it no more! Hahah good job devs! Love u! 

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So happy to see review like this ❤️ We will look into adding more features in coming week and we will make it even better, day by day ❤️ 

Hope you enjoy your time with us and if you do need any support you are always welcome to open support ticket ? 

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