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My experience running COD Premium hack

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I have been running cheats in COD for the last 60 days with COD Premium without any problems or detection running aimbot and wall hacks. I have used two other cheats from competing companies and I can tell you from my experience, this is the best running cheat I have seen. If it was detectable by Activision, I would have been flagged by now. But I do use it in moderation as COD is tracking player stats to ban players so for me, moderation is key to success.

I don't use any sniper rifles as your aimbot is easily detected at range, I very rarely win alone and usually allow to be killed in the top 5 unless I am running with a crew or it would be virtually impossible not to win for perfect circumstances, I set aimbot for chest ONLY, no head shots as those are tracked, I don't knowingly run with anyone else running hacks as you will get reported with them by other players, I don't kill anyone longer than 100 meters, and I only use weapons with the lowest recoil in the game.

I am very rarely spectated using those techniques and when spectated, I only fight those who either shoot first or are impossible not to shoot at. I keep my KD under 2.0 in multiplayer and I use the foot tracker in Royale so I have a legit reason for finding hiding players. And I never raise my weapon unless the target is visible. No aiming down sites walking around a corner where I know a player is hiding or standing.

Which means, COD Premium isn't detected, your game play is. If they were able to detect COD Premium I would have been banned long ago. This is the ONLY hack I have used that works as advertised. The only drawback I have found is this hack deactivates windows during use but if thats what is needed to safeguard my COD account, so be it. Battlelog does provide a thread to reactivate windows when you are done playing so its nothing permanent. I do it all the time. 

If you want to know if its worth it or not, just go to Discord on most cheat providers and watch the list of insta bans being reported hourly. Battlelog is providing the best protection I have found thus far. 

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