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Deadside Accento


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Definitely worth buying. It's on the high-side on the price, and there doesn't really seem to be a real connection between the amount of days you buy and the price.
The player/AI ESP is amazing if you want to stay safe.
The Aimbot definitely works with weapons that doesn't stutter too much, which is basically everything other than the snipers.
I don't know about the other stuff like speedhack etc. since I don't want to use it.

What could really use some work however is the ESP.
I love that you can choose to see almost everything in the game. However 90% of the stuff you can see with the ESP, like clothes, tools etc. are marked as ?????????? instead of their real name. My guess is that the cases doesn't have a name associated with their memory location. All the weapons/ammo have names, which I think is what the author took priority in naming.

I would gladly help name the rest of the stuff. If he changed the ????????? to something recognizable like memory location or even just a number. I'd gladly compile a list with the names that he can just copy/paste.

I am a customize kind of guy. So I'd love a way to be more specific about what you want the esp to show.
Again I'd even help with that. :)

All in all 4/5 stars. If the above doesn't bother you then it'd be a 5/5.

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