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Ive been using the COD Supreme for a few months now.  And all I can say is that this program and Battlelog are OUTSTANDING!  The set up was easy (as long as you follow the instructions and video) and the program is very easy to use with a lot of really great features.  I did have a few small issues (for what every reason, the Supreme version is always the last to get updated) but Battlelog Support and Admins are extremely helpful and really do make sure they take care of their Customers.  

Now the only down side, and its a really, really small down side, is as I mentioned above.  Supreme is always the last to get updated and can sometimes be down for 24 - 36 hours while Premium and Classified are usually back working with in 4 - 6 hours. But also like I said, the Support Staff and Battlelog Admins are all super nice and are always willing to work with you and you do get the down time compensated.


Over all, I would bet that you cant find a better Site (Admins and Support) and Program than what Battlelog has.  9.5 / 10!!!

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Thank you for this amazing review and your valid feedback ❤️ we are always working on providing you with best services in the market so we will be sure to keep upgrading supreme and take care of it to the point where it’s update will be 4-6 hours as well so all of you can enjoy our products as soon as possible ?

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