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COD Warzone Supreme


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I've been using COD supreme for a little over a month now on my personal account and have not been banned. All i can say is that this software is amazing 10/10 especially if you compare it to the prices of other hack websites. Installation instructions are very easy and if you're not good with computers, don't worry the guide is straight to the point. And now here is where my review really begins; 

Aim Bot - pretty simple, you can change your FOV to make it less noticeable with the snap and you can choose where on the body you want it to aim at. Sometimes it can be inconsistent, but if you're running aim bot you probably have ESP on as well so its not that bad if it misses. 

ESP - This is my favorite. all players on the map are within a rectangle that changes colors only when they are within visible sight of your operator. You can decide to add bones, enemy health, ESP range, etc. Very simple. 

Mini Map - just a simple mini map that shows where every one is at. its like having a UAV at all times. 

My only question is whether or not this is stream proof, specifically for discord because my stream appears black when streaming for my friends. 

TIPS - if you don't want to get caught and banned don't make it obvious that you're running hacks. Lower the aim bot fov like it is explained in the description and don't blatantly track enemy through walls. Dont try to win every game or every fight, you cant win them all. When you're account is flagged Activision will re watch your game play and check your stats. so play as though you are playing without hacks. oh and also try to maintain a reasonable K/D not something like a 25 K/D that's absurd 

Overall, this product is amazing. its the first one I've ever had and i will be returning once my key expires. The admins are all very helpful and updates are fairly quick. Please don't be impatient when they're updating. Remember, they provide cheats for dozens of games with multiple versions so it'll take time. 




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