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First time trying valorant hack


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I had trouble figuring out how to use the esp properly after purchasing this cheat. I spoke to there live chat and was told valorant anti cheat can sometimes be buggy so the best settings to see players through walls would be 20-30 meters. I tried 40 meters and it works perfectly. I feel thats a good amount of distance to know what to expect and how to counter it. I went from gold 3 to diamond 3 in a matter of one day. My subscription is up but I will definitely be buying it right now again. Great cheat, been cheating all the games have only 1 loss. Its a great cheat imo to look legit rather then be blatant as that can get you banned. The aimbot is down at the moment but is being update, I don't really need the aimbot since my aim is good so walls is perfectly fine for me but when I do try out the aimbot I will defitnely give it a review. 12/10 Great Cheat Great Service, and I apologize for my last post I tried to delete it but dont see an option how, lets just say I was a bit salty since I had trouble with the esp so if anyone is reading this Make sure the esp distance is at 40 you shouldnt have troubles with it one bit. But again make sure to act like you dont know unless you actually hear them a lot of players in this game take this game very seriously and wont even hesitate to report your ass in a second. Keep cheating make them salty ❤️

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