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Call of Duty: Exclusive Review


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***Exclusive all menu Options***

- ESP = Wallhack

-Distance = adjuster how far ESP will work for

-Hide options are self-explanatory 

- Aimbot will enable Aimbot

- Aimbot FOV (field of view) in this area aimbot will respond

- Hide FOV circle will hide circle on the screen

- Aim Speed = Less the numberless the speed of aimbot = more legit aimbot 

- AimDistance = How far aimbot will work on 

- Aim Spot = Where aimbot will hit (head, or so on)

- Hide aim spot = will hide aim spots to look more legit 

- AimVis check = aimbot only works when the target is visible

- Aim Key = Press enter 1 time on this then press any key you wish to have as activation for your aimbot

- AimPrediction = Bullet drop prediction for far targets 

- Velocity = Helps with the bullet drop and how it calculates the drop

- No recoil = No recoil on the gun 

- Proximity warning = Will display red letters telling you how many enemy players are nearby

- Radar = Radar of enemy players to give you a 360-degree view of the enemy 

- Radar Zoom = Zooms in and out of radar

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