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The esp is ok with its options but the box and health should be able to turn off as they clutter the screen they should have there own settings for on and off.. would be much cleaner if had chams for the player model only and choose a colour for chams for when players are visible and not visible and only show when visible ect.. this would work now if could have the skeleton on only and no box or health around them, would look much cleaner on the screen seems like only works with the box setting turned on?  Should be able to see where opponent sets claymores ect... the aim bot seems to be very good if set it up correctly. The radar could be used in the in game radar rather than one on the opposite side of screen. The near by player option could have a direction arrow to show what direction the player is near by.. maybe change the menu so can use the mouse and when use up and down keys with enter you drop your money and type in the in game chat. 

For the money its basic but usable, with a few tweeks here and there could be very good for legit cheat.   

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