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premium vs supreme


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at this point i managed to get both for 1 month each to try them out and I have to say man they're both very good , I personally don't use aimbot just the esp and radar.

pros and cons of supreme : undetectable when streaming and recording, you can record and post on youtube without it showing the hacks and i also got to stream and man i loved every moment of it. but i just find when i do so the wallhacks is not 100% accurate on the person , they could be a little more out of the box and sometimes the box  is right next to them somewhat confusing me but all in all great product and like i said LOVED that i could stream and it not showing and also i have to say no offense to anybody but i hated the rader i dont really know how to use it well it was confusing for me.


pros and cons of premium : premium is where its at boys!!!! layout is clean af! that whole map radar is the best ever and the wallhacks and the settings to see what loot is where is makes it top notch product, with the premium i did get to try the aimbot and it blew my mind its so nice but i prefered not using it. compared to the supreme you wont be able to stream or record without it showing which is not that bad at all because there is more that makes up for it. 

premium of course is a little more expensive but ill say i rather put my money on premium next time again because it was so smooth and i felt more comfortable with it. 

you guys at battlelog are doing an amazing job.

one thing i would like to ask to the mods , when you guys add more features do you have a place on here where we can see the new features or get updated that for example if supreme gets new features we would be able to know about it ? like for example " new radar hack available for supreme" and maybe short video showing how it works? im asking because im patiently waiting for a new feature showing all the rings on the map. it would be helpful so we can all stay up to date with new stuff from different products. 

sorry for the long post. 

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Thank you for your feedback, and great review, we really do appreciate them and read all of your input. 

1) Yes Supreme is external what allows it to be stream safe and not show up on video's, there is some pros and cons with that such as ESP lag

2) Premium is by far the best hack we have, spoofer included and full package, therefore high price range ?

3) Yes we are working on something that would interduce new features, all though this is on our list its not as high priority so we can't promise it will be up soon ❤️ 

Thank you for your trust and your support! ? 

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