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COD Warzone Premium vs. Supreme


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I first bought Premium and let me tell you...its flat out amazing, you can customize how legit or no so legit as you'd like to play. The thing that stands out to me is the ability to customize your aimbot as to not snap onto the players yet act as a subtle aim assist. Also the ESP is on point! in fact the esp is so good there really isn't a need for aimbot, maybe a little reduction to the recoil which is possible with premium. One of my major disappointments about this product is that it isn't stream proof whereas Supreme is.

I bought supreme purely for the ability to play with my streaming friends. Some of them use it as well so they suggested it when I brought up my purchase of Premium. It works consistently in most cases but if you dont have a stream deck and know how to control you stream from the deck then you're going to run into problems because this hack needs to remain in fullscreen borderless mode to work properly. Sometimes the esp boxes and character bones are off a little bit which can hinder your ability to land shots if you're not using the aimbot. The aimbot of supreme works well in warzone but when there are two players near ur crosshairs, sometimes your aim lock will target the wrong one, also I've had a hard time figuring out the most legit looking settings for it. But it is stream proof and has saved my ass a few times that otherwise wouldve been headed back to the lobby lol. Hope my honest review was helpful to those tryin to decide which product to try. I suggest trying a few. Also I have both, would be nice if there was a way to use the Aimbot from Premium(with the fovcircle hidden) and the esp overlay from Supreme so I could stream but with better  aimbot. And thank you greatly to the Battlelog team you guys are amazing!!!

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