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Was such a big fan of my first month, I picked up a second and will continue to do so thanks to this amazing support team and developers. They're are constantly involved and will help you thru any issues you may or not have, well recommend optimal settings to help prevent vans, not to mention will gladly help walk you thru there amazing hwid spoofing software if you are wond up banned, however me and many other users have yet to noticed due to a great team that really just wants to help and enhance our fun and gaming expirerience. I've reccomended multiple suggestions and ideas that I think could be beneficial and Frosty and the development team has always been there to listen and hear it each and everyone one of us out. I even seen a recent added feature of overriding resolution to help a customer out who was gaming on 720p. They care about all us users and always do their best provide top notch service and the best game enhancements in the game. If you're a controller player they have an amazing video walking you thru setting up aimbot with the controller, two different ways but my personal favorite is the new Rewasd video, since downloading it I've been able to configure and have all functioning settings including aimbot and aim assist due to the fact that funkyspicy on YT  has made a importable config in which you can set all your keybinds to function via the controller binds thus allowing you to still have aim assist and be in controller lobby's unlike many other programs and configs in which your controller registers as mouse and keyboard. You can find the config @ https://www.rewasd.com/community/config/call-of-duty-warzone-controller-support/1b1cd6908f55f348b040d7ffda7e21ee and if you're confused and need any help you can find his yt very easily and the mw config set up explaing how everything works. One Idea I recently have been thinking about is configurable weapon profiles (primary and secondary) where each guns specific bullet drop  and recoil is took in to account to hit optimal shots, given there is a no recoil setting, bullet velocity and settings in which you can fine tune this but I'd love to see an interface that allows configurable loadouts with weapon specific settings, not to mention the ability to bind esp and 3d map to one key bind and the ability to use to binds with aimbot, for example mouse 5 and right click so that you can still fully use aimbot with hipfire, I use mouse 5 due to not having the option of binding both keys but I think it could truly be a game changer for already the best game enhancements and development and team dedicated to providing a safe expirerience for all users. If you're debating on buying this product is 100/10 recommend it over any and all other cheat providers. Your voice matters and battlelog and staff will get you out there winning games, playing like a pro and having the time of your life! Enjoy guys and hope you all have an amazing and safe time with the best game enhancements on the market due to battlelog!

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