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Awesome hack, I use ESP (bones only) and occasionally the aimbot with "legit" settings.  ESP bones is such a huge advantage the aimbot is not really needed.  Now that I'm running a hack I see so many players hacking.  I had no idea.  I usually get ghost early but still see players that know exactly where I am.  The real challenge and fun of hacking is giving the appearance of being legit when people are observing you.  I'm level 155 and have been hacking now for a couple of months with zero "scans".  Highly recommend this hack.  I have a few ideas  for useful upgrades.  Please review and let me know if these are feasible: 1.  Save the configuration of the hack (settings), this would save me a lot of time as each time I load the hack there are a number of settings that need attention.  2.  Change the player color to blue on the mini map and full size map of any player that wouldn't normally display without the hack.  Normally, players are red on the map.  Keep the legit players in red and the hacked ESP players in blue.  This provides even more information to allow players to play "legit".  I really like the fact that ALL players show up on the mini map and Full size map.  Very cool.  I just want the hacked player to show up as blue.  3.  Program a hotkey button for ESP as sometimes I like to turn this off and I would like to be able to do it quickly.  4.  Fix the item visibility functionality so that only one type of item can be highlighted.  Money for example.  Cash is king and I would like to highlight just cash.  Highlighting anything else just makes the screen too busy IMO.  I haven't been able to figure out how to just show cash.  That's it.  Already a great hack but these updates would make it even more spectacular!

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Thankyou for your review, and time you have put in to type it all out. I shall send this to developer and see what we can do to improve, and add few things for you ❤️ 

Thank you for your trust and for being part of Battlelog Family ❤️ ? 

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