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Best warzone package for controller player?


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Hello, ive had my eyes on this site as well as another and yesterday decided to get 24hr exclusive package, 30 day was unavailable but now i see its up as well as the others.. let me first start off by saying i have AMD and if i recall need intel for one of them. It was a while ago i read alot into the descriptions and think i wanted to go with supreme but have 0 experience. Overall the 24hr exclusive package was a delight. Im not tech savy so it took me abit longer to set up than your average customer. i did follow the guide (thank you frost for making that) and was able to get my controls decent.. im on PS$ scuff controller as my xbox controller with paddles broke long ago. Movement is a bit hard because the options are different for MnK vs controller, for example picking from picking up weapons (cant mimic contexual tap) to slide canceling even. My movement was a bit nooby but not horrible it helped i was able to find a decent setting for sensitivy and ADS.... just wondering if theres anyone out there that strickly plays on controller and has tried different packages as id like to get 30 day.  My other questions (keep in mind i have AMD) is should i get a HWID spoofer? i dropped slightly more kills than i normally do and tried to stay low under the radar, a few times may have been questionable as far as shooting player close to wall and one time having the setting a bit too high and flicked on 3 people but doubt that got me reported. Im not trying to say im great or near top level of player but at one point i was top 200 in xbox for wins and its not uncommon for me to snipe someone out of a heli with ground loot Kar98 or HDR. Needless to say thats why i tried to stay under the radar and keep the esp to myself. And i know, learn MnK.. i dont have time like i used to and played controller for multiple decades (yes im ancient in gamer years) and have never played Mnk. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it was fun but purposly didnt play with some of my friends cus theres no way they would by im on MnK not only from knowing me but my sens is way to low you can def tell im playing on controller and like i said my movement was very noobish. sorry for the essay.. 

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Thank you for this review, and appreciation of our work ❤️ 

- Spoofer in general is great to protect your original HWID numbers on PC so having it is definitely a plus ? 
- Controller and Aimbot is a bit tricky, as the way program is written its meant for MnK there is software like RwASD but think they struggle with Scuff version.

- Exclusive is definitely a way to go with AMD CPU, I know its lower price but we do put a lot of work and effort for you guys in all our products ❤️  

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