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I love battlelog, multiple times I've been screenshotted for obviously hacking in hardcore search and have yet to be banned. The cheats work probably 95% of the time the only thing is it makes my game crash more often than id like but a small price to pay. The only thing I cant seem to get to work right is the Aim-bot with controller. Only way it works if if I put my sensitivity super lower were I can even turn around. I've noticed over the past few months they are adding more features an working on improving the cheats, would be nice to have an update on what the new features are when they come out. I do wish the cheats were a little cheaper as I've been purchasing the COD premium for months now which keeps me from being able to buy cheats for any other game. I think we should get a discount on cheats if we have already purchased one cheat. Or maybe add an Unlock-All Purchase available?

I am curious to how Warzone/Cold war is going to work, as they are integrated.. will i still have to purchase both cheats for both games or will one work with the other?

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Thanks for this review! We are looking into having a way to update you all on new features already ❤️ For our most loyal customers that ware with us for 3+ months jump on live chat support and ask for discount code! Provide screenshots of your purchases and keys as text and we will help you with some price off as a sign of apprichiation for your support ❤️ 

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