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Warzone exclusive/cold war thor


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Warzone exclusive:

I got shadowbanned a week ago and thought i was going to get perm banned like last time from using a diffrent website cheats but god damn my account is back to normal and just proves how strong battlelogs security is and truly is undected and they work hard to keep ot that way, warzone exclusive is the best and simple to use, the bone esp could be reduced a little takes alot of space.


Cold war thor:

Its undected too so far been using for 2 weeks, zombies is awsome really love it and makes unlocking camos easy as fuck, the tp to cursor could be tweaked abit so they are abit more further away from you so you can unlock launcher camos easily but its perfect.


Multiplayer is ok but needs the aimbot to be improved and defo need a visibility check, and should have diffrent colours for when enemey is visible or not.


Best cheats website with great support keep it up!!

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