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COD Exclusive !


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I can start with Support which is super great most of them.

The hack Exclusive for Warzone is a easy setup to use just follow instructions and you all set!

if you run into a trouble anytime just hit the chat and tell them what is going on, they will solve it for you.

Hack experience it self.

ESP is function and work as it suppose but just didn't like couple things and I'm sure it is Fixable

the ESP distance text font is small and when you are in action you cant see the numbers clearly to focus who is close who is not.(I Wish they can make font bigger as was promised on support chat with in 36hrs by keifer) so i was forced to disable ESP to make my game screen clear as it could be. Meanwhile I use the Radar with 50 adjustment 

and it is alright, but my main target is Distance ESP to actually helps me do the Fake Wallhack, but with small Numbers then good luck reading it.

AIMBOT is working great! BUT sometimes it snaps your screen down or up for a second and you get full control it is not a big a deal, but it is a big deal when someone 

is spectating you and obviously shows you got hacks, no human can do that snap that quick haha.

it also got adjustment to make it more as aim assist and aim bot to enjoy, I keep them 15-20 for adjustment.

RADAR is Great, it shows you a mini map on top left screen(NO it wont cover ur kills count) and has 3 colors which is yellow,orange,red

the lighter color the farther Enemy. 


Over all it is not bad for the price, I just wish they can fix the Font size for ESP Distance because i noticed other guys mentioning this too! 




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