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Cod exclusive + cold war thor


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Cod exclusive- wow best one out there (not tried premium) Iv been using battlelog since May and I originally used to use supreme hacks but I kept getting banned with that hack not sure why maybe I was doing something wrong I am always very careful when using hacks and try and keep my fov very small (if using aimbot) but since having exclusive hack(since September) I still haven't had a ban!! And I do find it so much better to use im hoping it can be used for coldwar warzone or have the same for cw overal really pleased with the product! 


Cold war thor

When it got released was so nice to have esp and I do find you don't really need aimbot for cold war esp is good enough but even with aimbot is a bonus and find it not to much of a give away using it again small fov always helps.

Cons(but I'm sure they will be added very soon)

No Vis check - you can be aiming with aimbot and it follows players through walls not good if you get a kill cam as the end of the match then people can really see it working

Bones - not a massive issue but would be nice to have it


I will say tho I got hit with a ban on cw this week.. I believe it was because I exploited the zombie mod and got put to level 101 but I also read up alot of people had the same thing as there was a glitch in zombies even without hacks(even on consoles) so I think it was something that was gonna get pulled anyway.


Overall keep up the good work iv been with you since May and iv seen the work you put into your hacks over time to keep us safe as possible you guys are smashing it! ?

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Thank you for kind words and for understanding how everything  works! We are so sad when people get banned and just leave without us even explaining why this happens and how can they avoid it next time...we really do our best to keep you guys safe and we will continue to do so every day for you guys ❤️ 

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