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Valo Supreme a honest review


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This hack worth ANY money, the experience is undescribable if your aim is trash. I have more than 2000+ hours on Overwatch, Vaorant and similar games and I could not keep performance up through many games. This is why in Valo I usually sucked badly and got tilted a lot, I just cannot win more than 3 max 4 comps in a row. With this I had like 12 wins a row when I got started :D

It has some bugs but what do you expect from a hack, it still well worth it. I would note these:

-The ESP stops functioning after 1 game

-The aimbot stops functioning sometimes

Against this 2 there is a very easy solution: after each match just quit the game rerun the Valo tool and it will work fine for 1 match. 


I never thought hacks are a thing for Valorant and that so many other players are using them as well but when you start using it will you realize just how many other players are cheating. Like when I completely off objective and someone just knows where I am and keep coming right to me :)


Some good advice for those who try it:

1, Never be too obvious, lose rounds as well intentionally

2, Always try to be the first fragger not the last when 4 people watching you. Always check how many people spectrating you and when they do just play as you would without the hack.


The games I have lost with this were due to our team was absolutely terrible. Other team was full of smurf + hacking so yeah it can happen the hack will not guarantee you to win if you don't have some game sense. 

So all in all my experience is extremely positive. Regardless the high price I can still afford to pay 1-1 day sometimes and play Valo the whole day and finally ENJOY IT!

After this experience I will probably not play Valo without the hack much again.


Thanks for this great product! :)

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