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Moderwarfare/WarZone Exclusive


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I started looking at sky cheats used there Dash 1 day worked as intended but I wanted it for longer and cheaper 1 month dash is 130 usd and then I found battlelogs 31 days for 50 usd and jumped to try and now I don't see me playing COD without them I mostly use it for call outs to my team so they get the attention and dont go to crazy when I have spectators

It was very easy to inject and setup. Far more simplistic then sky cheats. Like the esp (I use the Names and distance to hunt down bounty's) and aim bot Ignore downed function is great when your pushing in and already have 1 or 2 down. I have gotten 2 of my friends onto your Products by playing a trio and letting them dye and owning the next 3 squads.

My only issue was my debit card I had to use Klarna to purchase  both my 1 week key and 1month key.

There has been prob 2 times I have tried to play and they were down for updates but was back on 1-2 hours later very quick on updating

Question I do have is whats gonna happen when they integrate COD Cold War this week are we gonna get a big ban wave am I gonna be able to still use my 2 weeks of exclusive I have left.

All in all I love your Products and am looking forward to working my way up to becoming a vip member. Once I know how Cold War Warzone will work I am looking at another 31 day key

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Thank you for your review and honesty ❤️ 

We will have to wait for update to land for us to see how all of this is going to work out so I do not wish to give you wrong information right now but developer team will work very hard to pick this up and fixes it ASAP for all of you ❤️  

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