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warzone exclusive/ cold war thor


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very easy to to inject and simple and clean looking menu, honestly its 9.5/10 for me and can easily hit 10/10 with 1-2 little fixes which i will explain;

NO RECOIL - works perfectly fine but i noticed after few matchs (dont think theres an exact time of length) ive noticed it randomly just starts snapping hard (like it will force snap you to look all the way up or down etc) then after the snap if you dont move mouse its forcing ur cursor to move slowly in a direction, usually fixes itself after maybe 30-45 secs but still it looks bad if your being spectated lmao hopefully that can be investigated and looked at.

ESP - honestly its perfect and doesnt take up alot of space but it would be really nice if you could fix the esp on dead bodies that have died and left because sometimes an empty esp box stays on a spot someone died but doesnt dissappear until some time.

a little bug ive noticed happens sometimes on trios or squads when you open menu it has a spaz attack like forcefully starts increases digits etc on the option u highlight and cant counter it until you start another match which sometimes fixes it or have to restart game and injection.



Honestly the zombies feature is just 10/10 cant really ask for anymore lmao good job on it!

Multiplayer is nice to have that esp info, but it really needs a visibility check and bone esp would be an awsome feature too, aimbot isnt too great needs improvement but its usable.

Main one is visibility check it defo needs that asap!


Love your work guys im a loyal customer keep it up!



i got shadow banned on warzone again cuz of broken dmr i seen alot of people have it too, like streamers and etc so i guess i got to wait another week to play warzone again :P

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