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Warzone Exclusive, should we feel bad?


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Hey everyone, I just wanna start by saying that the Warzone Exclusive is amazing. Aimbot works as intended and the ESP is a lifesaver. 

I used to average about a 1.2 KDA with anywhere between 2-6 kills per game but got really exhausted getting shot from absolutely nowhere, killed by hackers myself, or just straight up getting abused by OP stuff.

While I have really had a blast getting back into the game because of Warzone Exclusive, I cant help but feel a bit shitty about it? Like I feel as though I'm getting worse by using cheats and don't want to get into a state where I rely on them to enjoy the game. But with the amount of BS in the game and the amount of accessible hacks, should we feel bad?

Idk, anyone have any thoughts about this?

Anyway, thanks team!!

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I know how you feel, when I started I was in the same place as you... Then I remembered I can't spend 6-10 hours a day anymore to play games and be as good as some kids today, I have life things to do, family and friends to spend time with so I started using ESP and TBH I have so much more fun, that 1-2 hours a day I get to play games beside work and family I do not rage, I don't feel angry or sad for getting killed over and over again... I get them 2 hours of fun, excitement and it helps me get over the rest of the day or forget about what happen on that day. It all depends from person to person perspective really I for once use only ESP no aimbot so I keep my aim real while I just get extra advantage on knowing where who is so I don't rush into 10 people ? 

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