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Hello everyone!

I have been using this cheat since October, and have not been banned or shadowbanned once! As long as you play smart and not be too obvious, there should be no issues at all. I love this program but I do have one big issue with it, and it doesn't relate to the crashes as I have not experienced that. The support staff is AMAZING, so any issues that you may have the moderators and team are always happy to help you.

Overall: 9/10

ESP: This function works PERFECTLY. I have had no issues with this at all, make sure to not accurately trace people through the walls as that is a clear give away! Pretend you are preaiming doorways or angles instead.

Aimbot: I am a controller user so I can't really say for certain how good this function is. It is recommended by the moderators that you do not have this on to avoid getting reported or suspected.

No Recoil: This is an amazing feature that works great!

Radar & Proximity warning: Great additional features if you wanna be alert of everyone around you. I personally have this turned off because I don't like the clutter on the screen but it works as intended!

My biggest issue with this program is that as you are playing, the camera will cause a sharp turn and make you look straight up. If someone is spectating you, it will look like you are hacking. Sometimes this issue persists for more then a few seconds, and it looks really bad. I don't know if there is a fix for this problem yet, but it is a big issue for me as a controller player because there are no excuses for that if someone is spectating me and sees that.

Great work to Frost and the team. I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to this, it really shows how passionate you guys are about the work you do. I will continue buying the 31 day subscription for your cheats as well as supporting battlelog!

Thank you!

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Thank you for your trust and support ❤️ Battlelog is here for you guys because you are the one that make us grow and gives us ability to continue our work ? 

- The snap thing we are looking into it but it happens because of the no-recoil option this we are aware of and we will do all we can to fix this for you ?

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