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Warzone exclusive Loader V2


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I've been using Warzone exclusive for well over 3 months, couldn't look more legit. Amazing menu options and user friendly, the tweaks on the menu are what make it truly so special, being able to only have certain things show on ESP and tweaking the intensity of aimbot help this look fluid and natural. Even with the crashes I still continued to buy 7 day weeks every week or so just because it was so much fun to play with. That being said this new loader "V2" works great too! Played well over 8 hours straight without crashing, my only complaint is the mod menu itself, I was excepting it to be the same as the original but it is a little different.

on V2 you can't toggle the menu itself on or off (Not that I know of at least, tried F12 and Home keys. I just have to move the menu to the bottom of the screen)

ESP will also show friendlies as enemies on Radar and will highlight their bones or box as if they were enemies. 

The skeleton color is solid white no matter the distance. (In the original the color is RED when enemies are near and Orange when far)

The lettering showing the distance are very big so they take up a good amount of the screen.

No option to take off enemies shown Weapons : also in very big bold red letters so it takes more space off screen. 

The rest works great. I am sure there are tweaks coming in the future being as this is a brand new loader and whatnot, I would recommend going back to how the original menu looks and its features, it simplifies everything and has more features as is. I will wait patiently for whatever tweaks come out in the future. Thank you guys for great products and customer service. 

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Hey! Thanks for review ❤️ 

here are few points on this:

1. ESP friendly off/on switch is now there and working just restart re-inject and done ? 
2. INS (INSERT) button on your keyboard removes now the menu as mentioned in institutions ❤️
3. Vis/ Check or color switch when target is visible is added as well already ? 

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