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MW Exclusive Warzone


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I have been using for the past 3 months and have been having a blast. I only use ESP (bones, distance, and radar). This is enough for me. Updates have been quick and I have not been banned at all (this is the most important to me). Menu is simple and fairly easy to use. I like V1 over V2 but both are good. I have had no crashes like some others have been having. I have looked at other sites such as EO and my God the comments there scare me to death if I was to use there software. Detection and bans perma bans shadow bans seems like the theme over there.

I am looking for something like exclusive but able to record and stream without cheat being shown. I noticed Supreme is record and stream proof but I am wondering a few things:

1. Does Supreme have radar like Exclusive where the enemy is shown as an arrow so it point to what direction they are facing instead of just a dot.

2. Does it have visibility check like Exclusive where the enemy turns red when they are really visible without cheat.

3. In order to record or stream without cheat, which software is used: xsplit, obs?

4. it states I have to disable the second monitor but I really don’t want to. Is this really a must do or maybe I can get by with keeping my second monitor on. Want to keep my streaming app on the other monitor. 

5. Does it have a spoofer? And is this cheat ok to use for my main although there is always some chance of a ban.


sorry for all the questions. I love this site. Thank you to all the developers.

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Glad you are having a blast ❤️ 

1. It has a radar similar with dots

2. It has visibility check on ESP and aimbot

3. Both will do just record gameplay and not full-screen ?

4. You will need to remove it unfortunately ❤️ 

5. No spoofer but also no detection so far ?

- Also note we have 24/7 live chat support you can always ask questions there we are always online to help you guys ?

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