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EFT Leviathan


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Where to start. The cheat works great. It does what it needs to do for the fair price. Only my experience was Quite negative. 

The support with setting everything up was extremly good. Like they helped figuring out the thing i done wrong with screenshots. And they helped me all the way trough fixing it. But the the problem started. I kept getting disconnected from the game. I contacted the support and they looked in to it. The cheat went into updating and the time it was offline i got credited back. The only problem of that was after the update the disconnects kept on happening. I contacted support again and they said it's a game fault and not the hack misstake. So i woudn't get credited any extra time on my 24 hours of the cheat. Sad because i coudn't do 1 run with them in those 24 hours. Now i read on the forums that it's a cheat misstake and they are / did fix it. I contacted support but they don't want to credit me any more time on the cheat. So overall this expierence was not the best. I paid for a 24h cheat that never worked in those 24 hours. So if u want to buy be carefull for when an update is comming out because then it can be dodgy. No bad words about the cheat or the cheat set up work. Only negative words about the custom support after these fact occured. So here's my honest review.  

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I do apologize for such experience, I will have a talk with my support members to make sure this will not happen again ❤️ Accept my apologize as we will do all we can to do right by our users tell them to open a ticket with me and I will personally issue you a brand new 24h key for this issue I really want all of you to have positive experience and sometimes I can miss some of you, this is why I love users who come to reviews and share their experience so I can do right by them so please let me do right by you ❤️ 

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