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Warzone Leviathan


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Been using COD Warzone Exclusive for about 2 months and loved it so decided to try Leviathan for the advanced option and wanted to share my thoughts.

Overall love the experience but have a few draw backs:

1. Lack of explaination (that I can find) on what certain options do e.g. "ShootWaitScope" and "Angle". A one pager giving the explainations or a video walkthrough like there is for Exclusive would be really good.

2. Aimbot - from my perspective it's far to artificial even with smoothing set to 10, can't use it as fear of being banned if I get spectator's watching. Am I missing something or is there advise to improve this?

3. Avalibilty after last update, how long is it due to be down?






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Leviathan MW menu explanation:

2D Box     2DBox
Bone        Bone
Distance   Distance
Nicknames Nicknames
HealthBar HP Bar
Boomb      grenade warning
Item          item esp
targeted alert     Alert if someone aiming at you
Angle            Range enemy warning
EnemyWeapon  EnemyWeapon
RadarSetting     RadarSetting
Friendly          Friendly
NoFaint is not aim at downed player
invisible free is vischeck
aimsmooth is smoothrate for aimbot

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