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Excited to get back out there!


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Few weeks ago I tried Leviathan for Warzone (just a trial 1 day).

It worked.

Next day I bought 30 days access.

Unfortunately i got sloppy and made use of the aimbot rather obviously for a few hours.   Had spectators viewing me and no doubt reporting me.

Perm banned by next day.

Wiped windows properly via USB.

Followed every step in the guides.

Used a VPN.  Bought the 30 day spoofed from here.   Successfully changed HWID.

Didn't register Win 10 serial.

Etc etc.


All new accounts shadowbanned.




Every few days I'd log in and today at least 2 of the 3 extra accounts that I made are now UN-SHADOWBANNED!!

I played legit for a few hours on 2 accounts.

So after work today I'm going re-add the Leviathan.

I'm not going to use the spoofer since it's letting me play now.


I just read Frost's recent posts talking about upcoming additions to make things easier for us!

This is good news.

I felt bad that I spent 30 days Leviathan and 30 days spoofer only to use for 1 day before ban lol.

But I still have 2 weeks left and if it works I'm going to keep purchasing!!

Not going to use aimbot.

You don't even need aimbot in Warzone unless you want to troll.

Walls/Bones is A MASSIVE advantage.

Sorry for long post but I wanted to speak from the perspective of a customer who bought the services offered here, got banned after using them too obviously, shadowbanned hardware, but now reinstated and able to play on new accounts.

(14 day shadow ban after being perm'd on the first).

It's ok if this post is not approved.

I'm happy if Frost reads it.


Thank you for your work and I'm looking forward to the new features and using the new SMS bypass.   


❤ from Canada

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Really happy  to read such turn around, some users do tend to leave without us helping them get back, glad you stayed around for us to show you we can get you back in ❤️ 

In next 2-5 days we should have something amazing that can wipe your shadow ban + HWID ban in few seconds and get you back in even faster ?

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