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MW/WARZONE Leviathan


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I've been using COD Leviathan for a almost a month now, and I have some feedbacks regarding it. 

I'd like there to be a higher setting for aim smoothness built into the loader (as of right now, it only goes up to 10).  This is a must if you don't want to look suspicious "snapping" onto people. 

Before the recent update of season two which led to the loader being updated three days ago - I was able to set my in-game sensitivity to 4.50 and enable smoothness, which almost negated that snappy aim and gave me smooth aim over the targets head. But after the update, I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO REPLICATE THAT. I've consulted support many times, and have gotten many different answers, "the devs will look into this, you just need to figure it out with time" and so on. 

After further testing the tool out in private bot lobbies, i've determined that the actual snappy-ness, at least to my understanding, is related directly to the built in loader smoothness (1-10). I know this because I tried my in game sensitivity ranging from all the way max to 0.1, and coupled it with mouse DPI ranging from 10000 to 400, and the result was the same rate at which the aimbot locks when i hold down the trigger button. I went even further and applied in-game sensitivity filters, while zoomed-in ADS sensitivity and so on -the results were the same. I'd like battlelog.co to address this. I really had a blast before the season two update, but right now, as I'm trying to look legit as possible, its really difficult for me to use aimbot, especially when im being spectated. 

Now, I do want to point out how amazing the aimbot is when it works. I been able to one shot people from unbelievable distances- and it never ceases to amaze me, absolutely stunning. I can only imagine that it took an insane amount of skill to design it, and its worth every penny of the price. The ease of minimalistic design is also a positive, as other versions clutter your screen, whilst leviathan keeps it simple and deadly effective. 

If we can resolve my one concern, then this is a must buy over and over again. 


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