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So I purchased the warzone supreme for 24h access and played about 30 games. 

Unfortunately isn't as perfect as everyone here makes it out to be. 

- Aimbot is kind of mediocre. Its missing a lot of shots even if you are not far away, especially if enemies are running and you use non automatic weapons such as dmr of example. Doesn't matter if FOV is activated or not. Yes I know prediction is not a feature of this hack, but is also missing shots even if enemy is stationary. 

-no recoil did not work for me 

- ESP works kinda good enough except the names of players doesn't show up

- the interface of the cheat is no good, you can't see anything if the background is anything but black. 

- The cheat causes a 30 % performance hit 

I played about 30 games and still couldn't win a single one. And no im not that bad tbh. Always top 10. Why? Because of all the combined issues with the cheat I mentioned above. 

After about 15 games I started to meet other cheaters which have much better aimbots with predictions that make non automatic weapons easy to use. 

Other players are using much better aimbots that doesn't miss shots as much as this one. 

The saving grace is the cheap price. 

My rating: 6.5/10

Will update the review after I test more features and if my opinion will change. 

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If you really want it for aimbot and best ESP do not use stream proof hacks as they are not designed for users who wanna go in and rage a bit, instead pick Exclusive or Leviathan and you will see the GOD of the aimbot ❤️ 

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