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​?​Rating of: Apex Legends | Quantum​?​

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Rating of: Apex Legends | Quantum?

This is by far the best hack I have ever used, it is clear and easy to use. As a newbie who doesn't know the hack menu, it takes something like 5-10 minutes to understand the menu properly. The structure of the functions is also very clear. The much fallt of the functions are quite enough for the Battle Royale game however I wish a few more functions that would improve the gaming fun with the hack, more on that later.

The appearance of the hack menu is kept simple and clear, a function of the individual customize would perhaps still be an idea for the menu. To make it a little nicer for the user. Would be nothing more than a gimmick for the user.

The functionality of the hack leaves nothing to be desired, the AimBot works without problems, the Wallhack and the ESPs are flawless and make no difficulties.
The exact setting of the radius of enemies I also find very helpful. In addition, the setting of the colors of the opponent.
The function that allows you to skip the tutorial is one of the simplest but best functions that have been built in.
With the other functions you are used to it as a hacker/cheater and appreciate the work of the coder!

As mentioned before, I would have a few ideas for new features regarding the hack.

  • - Saving the settings
  • - Weapons & ammo etc. OPK (That you can phone ammo, weapons to you via a button.)
  • - Design setting possibilities, change size, color of the menu.
  • - Rank Hack (Visual)
  • - Speed up ultimate ability

those would be my suggestions for improvement.

My recommendation:
Quantum's hack for Apex Legends is highly recommended! The price is fair and if you want to get it I recommend the 79,99$ variant which is cheaper and you get much more from the hack. For testing the hack the 10,00$ is also fair!
The price also includes a HWID spoofer which you don't have to buy extra.

The work of the coder Quantum is flawless and accurate! I remain with you regular customer and look forward to future new features.

Other hacks I will test soon!

With best regards

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