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So to finish up my testing of most of the WZ hacks available here, I have to say I was not having much fun while using Exclusive.  The aimbot is frequently off target, the ESP Box and Skeletons are often not aligned with the player models, and my game has crashed several times while using the hack.

I have tried to be quite extensive in my other reviews, but I am struggling to do so with Exclusive.  I honestly would not recommend this hack to anyone when there are much better performing options for the same price.  I do not like being brief with reviews, or overly critical, but I honestly can not find much else to say after having tested Leviathan and Supreme as well.  Both are better options.

The only one left that I have not reviewed is Premium, and I likely wont due to the price.  But if you are considering Exclusive, I would suggest checking out Supreme or Leviathan first.

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